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The SailTimer™ brand:  for sailors, a quick and easy navigation method using real-time wind data and tacking distances to display the optimal tacking route.  Determining the best tacking angles and an accurate Tacking Time to Destination have been problems for generations of seafarers. 

GPS chartplotters do not account for tacking distances when calculating ETA, and have not explained the problems with ETA and VMG for sailboat navigation in decades of owner's manuals.  So in the era of wireless tablets and smartphones, SailTimer is disrupting the status quo.  Now, ordinary sailors can use advanced navigation functions like custom polar plots, without needing a professional tactician on board, or sponsors to cover the costs.  With SailTimer™ products, you get the most advanced navigation products, at the best price.  In the past, the wind angle would just be shown on a gauge, with a little numerical display of wind speed, unconnected with tacking routes.  But with the SailTimer™ brand experience, ordinary sailors can use the mobile device they already have, with our wireless anemometer, so that as the wind shifts your tacking results update automatically.  America's Cup technology for your racing, cruising, daysailing or gunkholing -- no matter what size, kind or age of sailboat you have.

This innovative electronics technology is designed and manufactured in the USA and Canada for customers and retailers worldwide. From 2003-2005 the company produced The Cruising DVDs, an interactive cruising guide series covering the entire route from the coast of Florida across the Gulf Stream, through The Bahamas, The Turks & Caicos, The Virgin Islands, and into the Caribbean.  After those sea-miles, with new technology on the horizon such as social media, crowd-sourcing and smarphones/tablets, the company's R&D put it at the leading-edge of electronics and software for sailboat navigation with the SailTimer™ app, the original SailTimer for Windows, SailTimer for Google Maps, The Sailing GPS™, the wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Vane™, and most recently the SailTimer Wind Instrument™.

We manufactured the first GPS that accounted for sailboat tacking distances (and polar plots).  Out of the thousands of mobile apps available, we have the first app that calculates and displays tacking routes as chart overlays.  We manufactured the first masthead anemometer that transmits to mobile devices.  The next-generation Wind Instrument contains many further innovations.  For example, it is small and submersible, making it the first masthead anemometer suitable for all of the centerboard sailboats out there.  It is the first masthead anemometer with a digital compass right in the wind direction arrow.  It is the first masthead anemometer to crowd-source wind data, to provide real-time wind maps that are better than weather forecasts.  As another example of our innovative R&D, we developed the first-ever mounting system for masthead anemometers that doesn't require lowering or climbing up the mast.

At a more technical level, we have also changed how polar plots are used in sailboat navigation. This may be our most important original research contribution.  Before the SailTimer technology for tacking distances and times, polar plots were only theoretical "targets".  They were expensive to buy, were only about a generic model of boat, were difficult to get from manufacturers, and were usually only estimates from a velocity prediction computer simulation.  Few ordinary sailors used them.  Now, the patented SailTimer tacking calculations make it quick and easy to use polar plots.  Starting with The Sailing GPS and now the SailTimer app, we collect empirical data on your boat's speed on all points of sail (not theoretical targets).  This provides a custom polar plot for your individual sailboat.  Until our technology was proven, this was not even thought to be possible.  Finally, we don't just show you the polar plot;  it is then used in the patented SailTimer method to give you more accurate tacking results. 

SailTimer Inc. has a number of patent filings for the low-cost product solutions that we have been bringing to sailing enthusiasts.  There is a detailed explanation here, but it is probably fair to say that for sailboat racing and navigation worldwide, we're the ones who made ETA and VMG obsolete

Who have we licensed to?
• MacENC for Apple computers (USA):  features  screenshots
• Fugawi (Canada):  reselling 
• NavSim for Windows (Canada and Europe).
• TackPad (USA):  iPad app

For an overview of the hardware and software we have produced, there have been short YouTube demos as some of the new features and innovations have appeared.

SailTimer Inc. is a registered member of the Bluetooth SIG.  The SailTimer Wind Instrument is a rare example of an appcessory for mobile devices that is powered only by mini solar panels.  This is possible because it uses our advanced firmware and hardware based on Bluetooth Low Energy (also called Bluetooth 4, or Bluetooth Smart).  It also has an accessory that supports wifi. 

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